Millenhall - Small Batch Barrel Aged New Zealand Rum 75cl - 45% ABV. Limited Edition

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Handcrafted Rum made from a custom blend of sugar cane & molasses, distilled through our handmade copper column still & then aged in an ex New Zealand Red Wine Barrel, in our distillery near the Pāpāmoa coastline for a minimum of 3 years.

This rum has developed a rich flavour profile of caramel & honey complimented with an oaky red wine note drawn from the depths of the oak barrel, it rounds out with a very slight whisky finish to keep things interesting. But make no mistake, you'll know you're drinking exceptionally tasty rum.

We've created a genuine smooth & unique rum without the need for any added flavours or colours.

Named after a tribute to our forefathers from a simpler time & place, we're proud to offer this limited release small batch rum.