About Us

The Armada Story So Far.....

We are a new distillery located alongside arguably one of the most pristine stretches of coastline in the World, in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, at Pāpāmoa Beach in New Zealand.

The brainchild of two enterprising and enthusiastic brothers with a genuine passion for fine quality handcrafted spirits.

After twenty-something years distilling spirits as a hobby (and being quietly impressed at the quality of the liquid goodness trickling from our tiny still), we decided one day, that what we'd created needed to be experienced and enjoyed by more people.

Why should the big boys with the monopoly on the liquor industry just have all the fun right!?

Hand building a larger still, refining our ways, developing our palates, and creating our own unique method of distillation and filtration, we've created a ‘thirst’ to put New Zealand back on the map, for something other than Kiwifruit, Pavlova and whatever else we're considered famous for!?

We know, it's been done before, but we're doing it again, and we're doing it with real care, and attention to detail instead of just pumping out a bunch of mass produced crap.

Our goal at Armada Spirits is to distill and hand craft the finest vodka, gin, whisky and rum possible, using only the best ingredients New Zealand (and sometimes, the rest of the world too, when we're desperate) has to offer.

We're in this for the long haul (because the dark spirits are slow to age) so jump aboard, join the Armada and decide for yourself if we've made a difference with our award winning spirits.