Armada Vodka 40% - 750ml

Armada Vodka 40% - 750ml

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The first offering from Armada Spirits.

Our Smooth. Pure. Transparent. Vodka

Genuinely Distilled at our purpose built Distillery in Papamoa from Sun-kissed Canterbury grown grain and blended with the purest New Zealand water sourced from the North.

Hand crafted, hand bottled, and hand labelled.

Our Vodka has a smooth, crisp taste with a subtle sweet finish and hints of Vanilla and Crème Brûlée as some experts have so elegently noted, which makes it great "for those who like it straight", over ice, if that's your thing, or blended perfectly in your favourite cocktail.

Finally, a Vodka that doesn't taste like industrial solvents!! We've really "Cut The Crap" with this creation. Give it a go!