Pre-Orders Available Now!!! - Armada Premium Dry Gin 750ml - 42% ABV

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We've kept our gin simple, yet extremely delicious.

Rather than overload it unnecessarily with an extreme number of botanicals, in an effort to try and impress your fancy neighbours, resulting in a taste somewhat reminiscent of tripping over in the forest and eating a face full of pine needles and dirt.... We instead gathered a blend of 4 simple botanicals consisting of juniper, coriander, licorice and angelica root.

Our gin gives a crisp light citrus forward flavour which develops into a sweet, yet subtly spicy and smooth note. Enough flavours burst from this gin to enjoy it straight over ice. It's zesty without being unnecessarily complicated on the palate.

It pairs extremely well with FeverTree Mediterranean Tonic Water and a slice of fresh lemon or whatever your favourite combo happens to be.

Armada Premium Dry Gin was awarded a Bronze Medal in the 2022 NZ Spirits Awards.


**Pre-Orders available now, Due to be shipped mid June 2022**