Our Distillery

Our distillery is a labour of love, based in Papamoa, New Zealand and crafted over the last 5 or so years in between our "real" daytime jobs.

We've funded, designed, and built this distillery off our own backs and without outside investment or interference. Which means we get to do things OUR way and create genuine products through careful research and development without rushing in an attempt to keep an "Armada" of shareholders happy.... Hah!

Having completed licensing requirements and navigating no small amount of hurdles along the way with regulatory challenges and criteria to meet and satisfy (and there was plenty, we promise you) but we are proud to say that we managed to do most of it without having to engage too many high priced experts to get it done. Leaving us with a little more treasure in the chest to work on bringing a range of high quality spirits to people who expect the best. With Kiwi ingenuity at the heart of it all.

We are AsureQuality verified, to meet and where possible, exceed New Zealand food safety standards, so you can rest assured that we know what we're doing (most of the time anyway) 

Have we done it the hard, long winded way? Probably, in some peoples opinions that would be a firm yes, but nothing worth doing is usually ever easy, nor does it create lasting satisfaction or longevity of business. 

Having already spent the last 14 years building one business, we're ready for our next challenge in taking Armada Spirits to the world and seeing what fun we can have with it along the way.

The Why!?

Our initial inspiration to start Armada Spirits was our desire to create an amazing New Zealand whisky and rum. Obviously though with the time those spirits take to age to perfection, we needed another way to produce an income to allow us to re-invest into the long term development of our dark spirits, unfortunately we weren't quick enough on the 'Wall Street Bets' movement to make a lifetimes income in one week like all the trendy kids, but hey never mind, we'll keep our 'options' open......

Enter.... Armada Vodka, our first liquid asset off into the market, and we'll be straight up here, we spent wayyyyyy too long working on this.

Lets be honest, vodka is pretty boring for the most part right? and it's been done many times, and quite well too. But there's always room for innovation and our goal is to make it less boring. Made from grain sourced from the South Island of New Zealand, our vodka has a smooth, crisp taste to it with a subtle sweet finish and hints of vanilla or even Crème Brûlée as some experts have noted, which makes it great for sipping, if that's your thing, or it goes great in your favourite cocktail.


What About Gin?

We never thought you'd ask, but we're glad you did....

With the gin movement in full swing, reminiscent of the craft beer revolution, some may say we're absolutely crazy to attempt a vodka movement and expect anyone to veer away from their trusted neutral spirit of choice in this day in age? Perhaps, but we reckon the only thing crazy about it would be not giving it a nudge. But if you really want to know..... we're currently developing our own version of a kiwi gin alongside our vodka production. Early feedback so far is extremely positive too. Like all good things though, it takes time.

We'll keep you in the loop with all our exciting developments as they come to life and we'll be showing you how we produce our products with interesting and inspirational videos along with the knowledge of what it takes to create a genuine quality spirit. If you're interested that is! If you're not and you'd rather just drink the fruits of our labour instead, then that's cool too.

We're here to "Cut The Crap, For Those Who Like It Straight"  


More photo's, info and content about the distillery coming soon!

Armada glass column still

Gin production

Armada glass column still

Barrel Charring
Copper Still Column
Armada Vodka Cut The Crap